Carrington, VC A courtroom drama by  Dorothy and Campbell Christie

26 - 29 March 2014

Directed by Cynthia Hearing


Major Charles Carrington VC

Paul Matthews

Valerie Carrington

Joanna Clent

Captain Alison L Graham

Philippa Rooke

Lt-Colonel M O Henniker OBE

Patrick Neylan

Bombardier Owen

Andrew Haggerty

Major F P Mitchell MC

Dave Bacon

Brigadier A S Meadmore CBE, President

Philip Lane

Mr A Tester Terry, Judge Advocate

Keith Wishart

Major H Maunsell, Prosecutor

Mike Wortley

Captain F T Foljambe, Prosecutor’s Assistant

Jimmy White

Lt-Colonel B R Reeve

John O’Sullivan

Major R E Panton MM

Rene Meissner

Lt-Colonel T B Huxford MBE

Jo East

Major A T M Broke-Smith

Dave Trumper

Sergeant Crane

Philip George

Evans, a reporter

Jo East

Cooke, a reporter

Keith Wishart

This production is to be entered into the Bromley Theatre Guild Full-length Play Festival Adjudication date: Thursday 27 March

Major Charles Carrington, who won the VC in World War II, is arrested for embezzling £125 from his units safe. Other charges include leaving the base and entertaining a female officer in his room, which were both forbidden by base commander Colonel Henniker. Appearing in his own defence, Carrington argues that he took the money openly because of all the back pay owed to him. He faces the dilemma of defending himself without compromising the reputation of his wife or the honour of his alleged female companion.

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