This Happy Breed by  Noel Coward

25-28 March 2015


Frank Gibbons

Andrew Haggerty

Ethel Gibbons

Jo Clent


Anne Kindley

Bob Mitchel

Patrick Neylan

Mrs Flint

Judy Ives

Vi Gibbons

Emilie Kindley

Queenie Gibbons

Marie Hurding

Reg Gibbons

Steven McDougall

Billy Mitchell

Paul Matthews

Phyllis Blake

Cynthia Hearing

Sam Leadbitter

Jimmy White


Stevie Davidson

The play tells the story of the working class Gibbons family from the end of World War I to the outbreak of World War II. It anticipates the forthcoming return of men from the war. It is also an intimate portrait of the economy and politics of Great Britain in the 1920's, and 30’s, as well as showing the advances in technology - the arrival of primitive crystal radio sets and telephones, home gas light being replaced by electricity and mass broadcast radio.

‘This Happy Breed’ is one of the few Coward plays to deal entirely with domestic events outside an upper class setting   



Cynthia Hearing

Assistant Director

Patrick Neylan

Stage Manager

Derek Alsey

Production co-ordinator

Madeline McCubbin

Lighting and Sound

Norman Bailey

Keith Wishart

Rehearsal Prompt

Ann Blatcher


Phil George

Pat Walls

Directed by Cynthia Hearing

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