24 - 26 November 2016

Directed by Pat Walls

All aboard for an exciting adventure that will appeal to all ages.

Inspired by happy childhood memories of the railway at Halstead, Edith Nesbit’s book, with its social and political undertones tells the story of an Edwardian middle class family forced to move from London to the rural North where they find friendship at the local station and solace in watching the trains.

Mike Kenny’s imaginative, fast moving adaptation will take us on a remarkable journey as Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis look back on the time they were ‘The Railway Children’

The Railway Children

adapted for the stage by Mike Kenny

from the novel by E Nesbit



Cynthia Hearing


 Adam Killick


Nina Noss


Anne Kindley

Mr. Perks

Andrew Haggerty


Jo East


Philippa Rooke

House Maid/Ensemble

Vickie Bertioli


Rene Meissner

Mrs Viney/Ensemble

Joanna Clent


Ken Clarke

Old Gentleman

Norman Bailey

Mrs Perks/Ensemble

Marie Hurding


Philip George


Derek Alsey

Keith Wishart

What our audience said:

‘It was really a fantastic show with brilliant acting as always’ MR Orpington

 ‘It was such a fantastic show and I had a total blast’ NN Orpington

A brilliant production of The Railway Children last night. Cleverly staged and so well acted - it was easy to believe that Bobbie, Peter and Phyllis were children even though they were payed by adults. Although the audience were fully lit and in close proximity to the actors this didn't phase any of them and made everything feel really intimate. I could see smiles on the faces of so many of the audience opposite me. It was so useful to be given paper napkins so we could all wave our 'hankies' to the Railway Children as our 'train' passed through their station - many of them were put to good use at the end of the show (even though most people probably already knew the ending) and this was a great tribute to the production. Congratulations! I've already got the dates of the next two productions in my diary. MB

This was a brilliant production it was areal privilege to be in the 1/9p's (back row) to enjoy the full effect of the story so brilliantly told by the three children but the whole cast including the three small children were amazing

Congratulations the entire crew and cast of The Railway Children. MT Orpington

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