3 - 5 August 2017

Directed by Marie Hurding

‘Think about it. For couples like us, what are the two single most significant factors in our lives?

One - Fertility. Or lack of. Two - Money. Or lack of.’


by Fiona Peek



Philippa Rooke


Jo East


Patrick Neylan


David Bacon


Production Coordinator

Jo East

Stage Manager

Jeremy Walls


Ann Blatcher


Philip George

Anne Kindley

Sound and Lighting

Norman Bailey

Though Amy and Simon have the money and children that life has so far denied Nick and Rachel, their friendship forged years ago has remained constant. But when they hand their less fortunate friends the cash to realise their dreams, this simple act of charity brings long-submerged resentments bubbling to the surface

A modern morality tale about the corrosive effect of money

And our audience said:

. . brilliance all round from so many angles . . .

It was a performance to completely hold the audience with its twists and turns.

. . . cynical humour altogether made for a play to remember. . . .

The challenges for actors, back stage crew and all involved in this play were met fully, culminating in a memorable performance. . . .

. Well done ....especially the four brilliant actors

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